homestuck travelling journal

the journals rules

1) Make sure to sign up, although that much is probably obvious!

2) When you sign up - PLEASE, PLEASE, be sure you can afford to ship it to the next person! I promise that we’ll do our best to get people shipping to others as close to them as possible!

3) Keep it Homestuck related! It is a Homestuck Journal, after all. If you can’t think of anything to add, here are some possible suggestions:

  • Short fanfic drabbles 
  • Your own fanart 
  • Someone else’s fanart as long as you’ve got permission 
  • Cosplay photos (same deal as with the fanart) 
  • In-Character journal entries

4) No adding anything or editing someone else’s page! You have your own page, no need to do anything to anyone else’s.

5) Since we’ll be having a wide variety in age groups - please keep it PG-13, so nobody is blinded by something they dont want to see.

6) Submit pictures of the book pages you write, or of ones you see that haven’t been submitted yet! That way everyone can see some of the writings/drawings/etc!

7) No hate art/bashing/keep it fun and nice! This is really important so that this journal stays positive and happy! It’s understandable if you don’t like something someone has drawn or written but keep it to yourself at least c:

8) As of now, I am not allowing people to decorate the front cover! I may later on decide to let this happen (meaning between now and when i ship the journal to the first person), but for now, I’m thinking not.

9) PLEASE remember to send in confirmation to this tumblr when you recieve the journal! I’d love to track it to keep my numbers/list up to date! Thanks c:

10) Have fun, duh!