homestuck travelling journal

a couple notes!

okay ive noticed some questions/concerns so I’m gonna answer them instead of paying attention in class :I

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Because I want everybody to be able to participate in this, shipping internationally WILL be possible! Even if I have to ship it to you myself, I’ll get it to you c: I’ve noticed I have 1 or 2 people from outside the US already (Canada!) and some from Germany have expressed interest! I will get this to you guys :D

ANONYMOUS: I’ve had one anonymous ask signed up and I’m a little wary about letting anonymous’ sign up, because we have NO way to contact to you. So if that anonymous was YOU please please check in with me or send me an email @

I’d really love a way to contact everyone to TRACK the journal

EDIT: also to answer a few questions - YES, if everything goes as planned, I plan on contacting you when the journal is on its way!